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The key to hitting it right in life! | “Finding Your G-Spot In Life” – Book Review

Today life has become an impossible rat race.. everyone is running, trying to beat the others, often not even knowing what they are running after. It is a chaos of clueless souls. Even in the midst of that, sometimes.. though rarely, we contemplate, think about what we really want.. only to end the reverie without a proper response. We are confused.. after all.. there are so many options when you look around, but only so many when we think of what we can actually do.

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By some miracle even if we decide something, it is more often that not driven by the perks of it, blatantly ignoring the pain or struggle that comes along.

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What are you looking for in life? Is it power, happiness, money, spirituality, meaningfulness? I mean you.. not what others want from you or you think would be nice to do for the sake of someone else.. How to come out of this race and find out your purpose in life.. as in why were you born and why do you exist among the billions?

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I have these same question in my mind all the time.. and thus am glad that I picked up this book! It may be weird but the title of the book makes perfect sense when you plod through it till the end. The author uses her personal experiences and general settings as well to make her points clear. The personal touch is very helpful as I didn’t feel that these are just some tales when some seemingly impossible stories were put up..
What I really really liked about the book was the funny yet strong tone of the author. I honestly had not expected so much fun in a non-fiction self-help book.. two phrases which seem synonymous to boring and monotonous to people! The light yet no non-sense tone is what sets this book apart. That’s not all, the chapters are almost always followed up by Do-It Yourself exercises which take the words in the chapters a step ahead.
Given the tone of the book, it may be a temptation to read it all at one go but it is best to go slow with this one.. digesting each chapter’s content as you go..
Recommended to everyone! This book is a treat you shouldn’t miss out on! Maybe after reading the book you’ll be like:

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Author: Geetika Saigal

Genre: Non-Fiction, Self-Help

Number of Pages: 192 pages

Buy it on Amazon:Finding Your G-Spot in Life

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15 thoughts on “The key to hitting it right in life! | “Finding Your G-Spot In Life” – Book Review

  1. I read this book too and reviewed it too since it was my first review. What i love about this review is how you have noted and made it so relevant for someone who hasn’t read it. Sweet review and the book is definitely a good read. Highly recommend to read this one. Love Shana


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