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“Death of Dreams” Book Review | My onerous relationship with modern poetry!

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Written by: Shruti Agrawal

Number of Pages: 58

Format: Kindle

Genre: Contemporary/Modern poetry

‘Death of Dreams’ is a short collection of modern poetry with beautiful thoughts and keen observations. It was a quick 15-minute read which was exactly what I needed after a chunky read.. that dragged on for a moth due to lack of reading time.

However, my relationship with modern poetry has been difficult, to say the least. While I really enjoy classic poetry once in a while, I have had difficulty getting into this new trend in the genre. The thoughts are beautiful and inspiring and I enjoy reading and thinking about them until I realize it is being called poetry. I miss the cadence of classic poetry in the contemporary ones. This collection did have some pieces that had good rhythm and I enjoyed those.

If you enjoy modern poetry then you may enjoy this book and given the fact it is an extremely short read, you could very well give it a shot.

~~I was sent a copy of the book for an honest review. All views expressed here are completely my own~~

Do you enjoy reading Modern poetry?

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